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Intermittent fasting

- intermittent fasting

eTRF, early time-restricted feeding, is a new dietary strategy of chrono-nutrition or intermittent fasting, which is based on alternating periods of fasting and food intake.

At EvexiaDiet, we have studied eTRF and its impact on glycemic profile and other health risk markers in adults.

The main components of eTRF are the following:

  • Fasting ≥ 14 hours
  • Shifting the feeding window earlier in the day, i.e., the first meal to be served early in the morning after cortisol has reached its maximum value, and dinner in the early afternoon and not after 18:00 pm when the hormones, ghrelin and insulin, reach their maximum peak
  • There is no restriction on the quantity and quality of food (e.g., number of meals or calories to lose weight), but the meals should be consumed daily within the feeding window as determined by the dietary regimen (methodology)

Research results

Although intermittent fasting and new strategies are gaining traction today for their significant health benefits, we demonstrated:

  • Reduced efficacy of eTRF to improve glycemic profile (glucose and insulin levels, and insulin resistance) in overweight, obese or prediabetic subjects

EvexiaDiet recommendation:
However, applying the chrono-nutrition regimen combined with a calorie restriction diet to induce weight loss may confer favorable health benefits.



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