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Specific proposals

- Specific proposals

EvexiaDiet specific nutritional proposals

People, particularly in stressful times or during negative emotional states or when going out with friends, need very often to relieve their stress energy with food, and unconsciously increase the frequency of snacking/binge eating during the day. As a result, body weight and visceral fat are affected. In order not to burden health, especially in clinical cases, it is very important that your diet is based on a variety, but quality nutritious meals and snacks that are “satisfying”, in order to enhance mental wellbeing, concentration and energy, and provide better appetite and satiety control.

At EvexiaDiet, we aim to motivate and inspire you to have a healthy, balanced life!
The term ‘quality nutritious meals’ is a concept based on some organoleptic characteristics (e.g., taste, aroma, composition) and nutritional value of the food, but also on the appropriate food combinations (synergistic action of nutrients) so that, in the long-term, to strengthen the immune system and the brain, depending on the needs and clinical picture of each person, and to improve the physiological regulation of appetite.

EvexiaDiet's approach to optimal health

differs from:

  • The typical calorie control and approximate estimation of portion size approaches, modern nutrition and diet caloric applications or alternative methods of counting calories or available on the Internet low-calorie diets, all of which aim mainly to control meal portions; the nutritional education of the individual is limited to reducing the quantity of food consumed daily only.
  • Other short-term dietary strategies, like the intermittent fasting or the KETO diet. Τhe former has no restrictions on food quality and quantity or number of meals to be consumed within the feeding window, whereas the latter is an occasional eating pattern and alternative solution to weight loss that does not follow a healthy balanced diet.
The specific characteristics of EvexiaDiet’s diet plan in improving health

Nevertheless, the diet plan of EvexiaDiet is easy, flexible and can be integrated and implemented as part of intermittent fasting, and adapted to the restricted eating window of the nutritional regimen, so that based on our research proposal (see section intermittent fasting):

  • To successfully achieve weight loss and improve metabolic health markers* in overweight/obese and people with diabetes and other disorders or diseases, and
  • In the long-term, to maintain the desired health outcomes during the transition to the usual daily diet, as the eating preferences of the person will be improved through good monitoring and modification of eating behavior!


* The dietary guidelines suggest:

  •  For improving blood pressure, primarily reduction of body weight
  • Even a modest weight loss of 5-10% of your total body weight is likely to produce health benefits

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Obesity causes chronic low-grade inflammation, a multifactorial condition!












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