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Νηστεία- διασφάλιση της ισορροπημένης διατροφής κατά τη διάρκεια της Μεγάλης Εβδομάδας, για άτομα με προβλήματα υγείας όπως σακχαρώδη διαβήτη, καρδιαγγειακές παθήσεις κ.λπ. (Συνέντευξη) Ραδιόφωνο της Εκκλησίας 89.5 FM, Φεβρουάριος 2018

Τhe nutritive value of meat

Lecture by D. Bitsanis in the Municipality of Heraklion entitled Nutrition in childhood

D. Bitsanis. Κetogenic diet, pros and cons. (Radio interview) 104.9FM Athenian Macedonian News Agency. October 2019

 D. Bitsanis. Dietary habits that vulnerable social groups must follow during the high temperatures in the hot weather. (Radio interview) 89.5 FM Ecclesia radio, July 2018.

 D. Bitsanis. The genetically modified foods and how dangerous they are in the diet. (Radio interview) 89.5 FM Ecclesia radio, May 2018.

D. Bitsanis. Following a detox diet after days of binge eating-What you should know. (Radio interview) 89.5 FM Ecclesia radio, May 2018.

 D. Bitsanis. Fasting- ensuring a balanced diet during the Holy Week, for people with health problems such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, etc.” (Radio interview) 89.5 FM Ecclesia radio, February 2018.

D. Bitsanis. The Nutritional Value of Meat (tv talk), invited on the Greek TV health program “My Life, My Health”, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation ET1, April 2017.

D. Bitsanis. Interview on nutrition and health at e-radio show ‘Health Issue’, December 2016.

D. Bitsanis. Invitation to give daily talks on nutrition/diet and health issues to ‘Difer life’ broadcast at ‘Art FM’ station, Summer 2015.

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