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Diet tips


Twelve (12) “tips” that promote health and wellbeing

To stimulate, strengthen and improve the immune system, which is essential for physical and mental health, brain and memory, at EvexiaDiet we recommend the following:

1. Limit or avoid the following:




Cured meat products prepared with less than 90% meat & poultry raw materials in composition. Their consumption should be limited to 1-2 portions per week (especially for the optimal health of children)


Frequent consumption of certain types of plant-based milk and dairy alternatives, especially for vegetarians, may cause menstrual abnormalities or even dyslipidemia. Also, some may have a strong taste that make eating unpleasant


Cereal bars: Look out for composition, calories, taste/satiety. Alternatively, at Evexiadiet, we suggest easy to prepare, satiety satisfying bars of high nutritional value (rich in bioactive ingredients or vitamins, minerals and trace elements) depending on the individual’s needs, e.g., unsalted Brazil nuts high in selenium for a healthy thyroid function


Hidden fats and sugar, and low satiety food products: beware of the caloric load that will be required for the bioactive ingredient or added nutrient to be active in the product and offer its health benefits. As a result, snacking and calories increase, thus body weight and abdominal fat increase, and consequently insulin resistance

2. Opt for rather simple foods (closer to the initial matrix composition), not for complex mixtures of ingredients in food composition; so, to improve calorie control or to avoid the added ingredients to eliminate all the good properties of the food product (e.g., oat or whole grain cereals instead of other cereals).

3. Alternatively, prepare your own oat cereals with fresh seasonal fruit or dried fruit without added sugar and unsalted nuts of your choice according to your needs, for a better taste and greater satiety.

4. Pay attention to the food combinations. These should be made based on the personal health goal (iron for energy or magnesium and calcium for bones, memory, muscles) and the right dietary choices, e.g., combining iron-fortified cereals with milk (or plant-based milk substitutes) reduces iron absorption.

5. There is no scientific evidence that the health benefits of super foods are far superior to other regular fresh fruits and vegetables.


Bell pepper is the richest source of vitamin C, so it is also a superfood. Therefore, all foods are super foods


Tomato contains lycopene (bioactive ingredient), is a functional food superior to some types of super foods, and is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of prostate cancer

6. Not every superfood is suitable for every consumer. They should not be avoided either. But, ask your nutrition expert for accurate information. Superfoods can be expensive, limit dietary choices and food variety (food pyramid), and negatively affect the psychology of the consumer.

7. The diet should be easy and “Enjoyable“, i.e., nutritious/healthy and tasty food choices, easily available (accessible food products) at a reasonable cost that motivate consumption without stress.

8. Make healthy decisions about food and do not be easily influenced by unqualified people who think they know about good nutrition or who promote foodstuff e.g., superfoods or organic products or other food products: Beware that some “healthy” fruit chips, vegetable/seaweed chips specially prepared for vegetarians, can be calorie bombs, expensive and low satiety food options. They do not help to keep snacking under control, instead total daily fat intake is increased as well as abdominal fat, which is associated with insulin resistance and the related metabolic disorders.

9. The selection and consumption of food/herb supplements or foods to which an ingredient was added requires reasonable thinking, and to be done with the help of the nutrition expert as well as to be scientifically supported by many clinical studies.

10. Also, adding an ingredient and in what percentage either to nutritional supplements or processed foods or blending ingredients should not affect metabolism or inhibit the action of other nutrients in the food product or nutritional supplement (multivitamins) or daily meal. Accordingly, the addition of therapeutic herbs to nutritional supplements or consumption of herbal beverages together with a meal should not inhibit the action of other nutrients necessary for health or interact with medication in severe clinical cases or subjects with metabolic disorders.

11. The enrichment and fortification of processed foods with naturally occurring ingredients that are considered to offer additional health benefits (e.g., high nutritional value products with health claims or functional foods) or the composition of some nutritional supplements with natural ingredients that exist inherently in foods e.g., for strengthening the cardiovascular system; perhaps it makes more sense for the Western countries compared to the Mediterranean countries. The latter countries have a huge production of the particular ‘natural’ food group (e.g., olive oil is the key component of the Mediterranean diet and is rich in antioxidants and omega- 9 fatty acids).


At EvexiaDiet: with regards to dietary supplement or processed food that combines ingredients naturally occurring in domestically produced products or foods, together with other nutrients which are essential as these cannot be synthesized by the human body, we believe that their composition to promote metabolic function, general health and wellness must be reviewed and redefined.

12. For the prevention of obesity, the quality of food in the diet also matters, not just the quantity (calories).

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